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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Company of Wolves: a forgotten film of gothic horror

The Company Of Wolves was a collaboration between director Neil Jordan (Interview With The Vampire, The Crying Game) and author Angela Carter.
The film is based on Carter's short story “The Bloody Chamber” which is in turn based upon “Little Red Riding Hood”. This isn't the fairy tale you imagined as a child but instead a dark, menacing, sexual vision of gothic horror at it's finest.

The movie poster stands apart as one of the most identifiable in the annals of horror with the wolf snout pushing thru the open mouthed human. This is not the werewolf film you imagine it to be with its  surrealistic dream sequences and Victorian themed horror. The Company Of Wolves certainly delivers with memorable performances and scenes. It could have easily been a Hammer Films Production from it's look and stylization and has long been a favored classic in my personal horror library.

It's disappointing that the Blu Ray offers few extras, but the images look crisp and clear with good sound. It's refreshing to see such an inventive and dark fairytale work on an obviously small budget. My main complaint with this film is that some of the wolves in the film are so obviously NOT wolves that it robs a few of the otherwise beautiful sequences. I mean a german shephard, whether in dream or reality would never be mistaken for a wolf. The wolf pack is forgiven by the otherwise fine acting and storytelling however. Some of the transformations are definitely on a budget, but for the time and funds available they were quite resourceful and entertaining none the less.

Mr. Dark gives The Company Of Wolves a 4 out of 5
Do yourself a favor and check out this little known gem of gothic horror.

Remember that the worst wolves are hairy on the inside.

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