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Monday, July 31, 2017

Eibon Press: The Kings of Splatter Punk Horror Comics

Retro VHS Splatter Punk Comic Books 

Splatter Punks are a unique breed of horror extremists. The gorier, the better is the obvious motto that they adhere too. 

It was in the 1970s and 1980s when the full effects of gore began really taking shape in cinema. Gore had got its start decades before with Herschel Gordon Lewis being the first purveyor of extreme violence in film. 
He wasn't the first for gore, but he was the first for gore in film and even though he burst on the scene in the early 1960s, it took awhile for barriers to be broken and ideals to progress so that the right type of films could come along which would cater to fans of extreme gore.
With aficionados such as Chas Balun, Lucio Fulci, George Romero, Tom Savini and many others (in no particular order), it’s no surprise that gore found its popularity in the early days of VHS rentals. 

For the Splatter Punk, notorious and scarce VHS classics such as Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell,  Zombie, Maniac (with Joe Spinelli)  and many others would become highly sought after gems.
These films,  in recent years have become available via streaming video and blu-ray to all new audiences insuring that they will live on in notoriety for generations to come.
Interestingly, Eibon Press has a passion for these old Splatter Punk and Gore Hound favorites.
You see, they’ve been creating comics based on these old classics! Full color comics with glossy pages, great dialogue and fantastic artwork bringing all of these classics back to life in all of their glory. 

If you’re a horror fan I promise that you’ll love these comics, which are destined to become highly collectible classics in their own right.
If I were you I’d snatch some up. 

I only have one complaint about them. I think they should have posters available of their limited edition covers! Better yet! T-Shirts! I want posters and T-Shirts available so all the Splatter Punks, Gore Hounds and plain old horror fans can adorn themselves and their homes with these beautiful pieces of art. 

Everything else is spot on! They ship fast, look great and are comics that’ll be the favorites of any horror fan. You don’t even have to like comics to appreciate these either,  because these aren’t made for comic fans.  They're made with the horror fan in mind.  Here's a link to their website: http://www.eibonpress.com

Written by Mr. Dark

Mr. Dark is a DJ, Producer, Writer, Casting and PR Publicity Agent in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Famous Monsters of Filmland and Domain of Horror. 

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