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Monday, May 29, 2017

Famous Monsters in Dallas

Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention Dallas Texas 2017 Special Report

In my first article on my press visit to the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention in Dallas Texas I focused primarily on the overall convention experience and how well it was put together.
I talked about meeting up with friends and meeting new people as most who report on conventions do.
In this installment I would like to go in a different direction.

It occurred to me at this convention that there are some unsung heroes who are responsible just as much as the fans for making these events happen.
They would be the vendors and they fill the role of buying booth space and supplying countless fans with everything from Gamera figurines to Frankenstein T Shirts emblazened with the art of Basil Gogos and other horror legends.
There are others too you know. Vendors that go above and beyond to bring exclusive hand made creations which can only be obtained through them and their artistic expertise.
There's a few of these vendors I would like to talk about and a few other convention attendees that made the entire event memorable.

Madly Made Creations created some very nice high quality prosthetic book covers and other decorations that would melt the heart of any fan of The Evil Dead
Alee Brucato is the Creator and Designer and can be reached via her website
I strongly recommend that you look into buying one of these unique pieces.

Another fun convention aspect was brought about by The Intrepid Productions who like to cosplay as villains at conventions for fan photo ops and to add that air of menace from everyones favorite bad guys.
Check them out here:

In the same vein I really enjoyed talking to Kevin Lewis from Imaginary FX who is a service professional for both FX makeup and cosplay events both large and small.
Be sure to check out their work here:

Monster Artist Robert Elrod made the circuit and he needs little introduction from most fans.
His site is here:

If you're into cosplay then you can do yourself a favor by looking into Kaia Cosplay.
She's excellent

One of the more impressive booths I came across would win over any goth
It was called Grimsical and they had some very dark and very unique pieces
you should take a look at.

Another artist I really admire is Jonathan Lamantia and his booth was one of the conventions best.
Look at his website and I know you'll find an art piece you can't live without.

Filling out the rest would be the Dallas Chapter of Ghostbusters who have their own trading cards.

The ever fun Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster was there and his booth was something to behold without a doubt. No Munsters fan should miss out on talking to him.

Face Off's very own Heather was there and her booth sported some amazing custom creations.
High Noon Creations is a must see for every horror fan.

A couple of odds and ends I wanted to bring up are the Friday The 13th The Game booth created quite a bit of buzz and is releasing.. One thing I will say about this game is that it looks like one of the best horror video games to come out in quite some time. The gameplay is both impressive with visuals and runs very smooth. I am including their pages here as any horror fan will want to look into the Friday The 13th Game for it's challenging and well thought out game play. It gets 4 out of 5 stars from Mr. Dark

Midlife Monsters is a quirky and funny comic book that older fans will appreciate.
Check out their unusual and well written comics here:

I think this gives a pretty good idea of the fun to be had at a Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention.
I'll definitely be going back and I hope to see you there. If you see me next year make sure to say hi!
Take it from all of us at Domain Of Horror, Diabolique Magazine, Horror Unlimited and Women Of Darkness. This is one convention that you want to put on your list.

Mr. Dark
Mr Dark is a Horror Host, DJ, Writer and Promoter in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.
Famous Monsters of Filmland and Domain of Horror. 

I have a ton of pictures from the convention that I'll upload tomorrow. So you have even more to look forward too.

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  1. Love this! So often such talent goes under recognized! Kudos to you for sharing these awesome creations and experiences with us!