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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Famous Monsters Convention Dallas 2017

Today I attended the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention here in downtown Dallas and was given free reign over the entire event. Let's talk about my experience.
To start I want to let you know that I've been a Famous Monsters of Filmland fan ever since I was a kid and rode my bike up to the store to buy copies of it so this was a very special treat.
Everything from parking to facility setup was simple and couldn't have been better.
The marketplace was expansive and my next article (forthcoming tomorrow) will feature many of these great vendors I met with.
I had a chance to meet Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp and I caught up with Diane Franklin from Better Off Dead etc.
Michael Dorn was very pleasant and so were all the other celebs.
Shin Godzilla was a real treat and was quite a hit at the Con.
The DFW Lego Group was awesome and gave me a mini lego Godzilla kit to build.
Overall I loved the Con. There is something for everyone. I strongly recommend that you go and enjoy yourself. Take it from Mr Dark and all the crew here at Domain Of Horror, Diabolique Magazine and Women Of Darkness.
Mr Dark

Mr Dark
Mr Dark is a Horror Host, DJ, Writer and Promoter in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.
Famous Monsters of Filmland and Domain of Horror.

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