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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bob Gimlin and Bigfoot Hiding In The Bushes

The more you look at Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin the more you see the hoax they've laid out for decades. Bob Gimlin is still alive and he regularly tours Bigfoot conventions telling the same lies he has told for decades.
However there's a couple of problems.
One is with the ankles of the suit and the prosthetic footwear. They look and behave like they're part of a suit so they almost definitely are.
The second is that the guy in the suit is clearly wearing a water belly which was invented by Charlie Gemora in the 1940s.
The third is.....well Bob Gimlin hiding in the bushes right by Patty in the film....as Shaggy would say.... Zoinks!
Mr Dark

By Mr Dark

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