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The UFO Mythology from the AFOSI: The Real Men In Black

If you've ever wondered what the truth is behind all the rumors of extraterrestrial visitation, alien abductions and everyday people witnessing otherworldly vehicles from outer space then you are not alone.
If you've read my other articles which explore the reality behind the myths of cryptozoology then you have picked up on the theme that nothing is quite as it seems.
While there are truths behind the legends the truths are all too often very mundane but interesting nonetheless which is why we explore them.
This article will completely and totally debunk alien visitation as a whole and while I am 99.9% certain that extraterrestrials have never at any point visited this planet I am NOT stating that they do not exist.
It is quite probable that given the enormity of our universe that extraterrestrials may in fact exist and the chances are very good for them to exist. However the likelihood of their existence hundreds or even thousands of light years away from us is in no way an automatic answer of yes to their visitation to this planet. In fact the likelihood of an extraterrestrial visitation is almost zero along with the lack of evidence of their having been any visitation at all at any time in the history of this planet regardless of the crackpot theories and bad archaeology of the ancient alien theorists.
The fact is that ALL of the ancient alien theories are wrong and have been debunked by actual archaeologists. Those with an understanding of cultural anthropology can deduce that we must not look back at ancient civilizations with modern eyes seeking to find evidence of that which we seek but instead we must look at those civilizations with their eyes and understand the symbology and reasoning those tribes of people used which force us to come away with very different and much more terrestrial answers to the riddles. We also must take into account the complete misrepresentation and falsification of archaeological evidence provided by the ancient alien theorists. Not to mention the foolish underestimation of the human species and how it has grown and shaped itself without the need for extraterrestrial intervention. To believe in such ancient alien silliness one must believe that the human race cannot do anything and can not have done anything without the consultation of extraterrestrial beings which have left no evidence of having visited and may not even exist at all rather than accept the fact that mankind has done quite well for itself on its own merit.
With that said if you would like to know the truth of the UFO mythology and its purpose then this is the place for you.

Mirage Men is a documentary released in 2013 that tells the story of Richard Doty, a retired special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Doty’s job with AFOSI was to be a full-time liar, spreading disinformation and causing mass confusion within the UFO community, ruining a few lives along the way. This is a factual case study of our own government systematically and blatantly lying to us regarding the UFO phenomenon. Furthermore, it explains the truth behind all the UFO sightings that have occurred in America since WW2, being that it was the UAV/drone program, Project Oxcart and other stealth programs which KGB agents were actively trying to infiltrate the UFO community to gain knowledge of.

The lengths to which the government went to perpetuate their lies is truly incredible. I never was a believer in UFOs or aliens having contact with Earth, but after seeing this documentary, I will now always question any statement made by our government about any topic. Mirage Men is proof that, any time it is in the government’s best interest, the government will lie to and misinform the American public. They truly do look at us as “sheep”.

During the 1940s thru 1980s the stealth bomber projects were taking off at Groom Lake otherwise known as Dreamland or Area 51. This was the home of the stealth bomber projects and Project Oxcart was the primary project being worked on. Although there were others...many others

After various sightings of UFOs, the CIA was facing huge public interest in flying saucers. So, they hired senior scientists to study the reports, and their conclusion was that there was nothing to the reports. Or at least on the record. The reason they came to no conclusion and to offer such silly explanations as swamp gas is because every sighting they came across was Clandestine projects such as Oxcart. They had to cover for the top secret programs and once it was discovered that virtually ALL UFO reports could be traced back to clandestine technology they shut down Project BlueBook. The CIA used this conclusion to rationalize debunking the stories and carefully watching citizens who showed interest in UFOs. Richard Doty was a product of this strategy. 
In fact the Roswell crash was long forgotten in 1980 when insterest was raised in it for the first time due to the release of a book entitled The Roswell Incident. Interestingly enough Richard Doty's father was present at the retrieval of the Roswell crash and this explains why such an obscure and long forgotten crash of test dummies and toy tape led to the infamous alien crash it is rumored to be.
In fact the contact in the book known as FALCON who was given this code name because he was supposedly an insider at AREA 51 leaking information turned out to be none other than Richard Doty.
The Roswell we know of and have heard of today was not that Roswell until 1980 when the book The Roswell Incident was released. Richard Doty helped create the Roswell mythology. 

Richard Doty's job was to approach UFO witnesses as an agent of the government and persuade the citizen to cooperate and in return he would tell them “what the government really knows about UFOs”. The most famous victim of his was Paul Bennewitz.

Bennewitz was a WW2 vet and electronics expert who was systematically driven insane, lost his business, and destroyed by the efforts of Richard Doty. He was able to see the Kirtland AF base from his home in Albuquerque New Mexico. Over time, he became concerned about what he was seeing at the base. Eventually, he called the base and alerted them to his observations and they connected him with Richard Doty. After meeting, Doty found that Bennewitz had gathered a great deal of accurate data. Doty said: “We had to decide what we were going to do then. Were we going to allow this to happen, or were we going to try to convince him otherwise.”

After getting deeper and deeper into the lie, the AF invited Bennewitz to the base to give a presentation about the data he had been collecting. The highest ranking person in the room told him he had very convincing evidence. Bennewitz concluded the presentation by asking for a grant to investigate UFOs on the base and another grant to continue the contact he had with the aliens.

This “contact” he had with aliens was new news to the AF personnel and Doty. The explanation for this “contact” was that the National Security Administration (NSA) had an independent investigation into Bennewitz and was beaming messages to his antenna. The NSA even broke into Bennewitz’s house and replaced his computer with their computer that decoded their messages in the way they wanted them decoded.

Eventually the AF gave Bennewitz information that they found evidence of an alien base near Dulce, NM in Archuleta Mesa. So, Bennewitz started investigating the area and him and Doty even camped out there together a few times. He found much evidence in favor of aliens living there, however, Doty reveals that it was all props dumped there by the AF. So, Bennewitz wrote to various elected officials and TV stations with his findings and they all brushed him off. He couldn’t reconcile this, because one arm of the government was brushing him off, while another arm was leading him on.

Eventually Doty sat Bennewitz down and told him he needs to stop his investigations, and he’s gone as far as he can go. Bennewitz continued, and the AF/Doty ended their relationship with him. Soon after which, his family checked him in at a psychiatric facility, a sad end to the Paul Bennewitz story. 

Mirage Men the documentary gives an explanation for the large amount of cattle mutilation cases from this time period. The direct reason for the mutilations was covert monitoring of the effects the early fracking program had on the ecosystem and the food chain. The government was killing cattle and removing their organs/lymphatic system to see if there was any toxins in their system related to fracking. The secondary use for the mutilations was that people like Doty who were spreading lies, used cattle mutilation as proof for aliens. The fracking attempt in question is where they foolishly detonated a nuclear warhead inside a mountain. 

Next, a few more interactions Doty had with other members of the UFO community are explained. More of the same lies and deception and making people look like fools. I honestly don’t know how this scumbag can sleep at night. The most interesting of these was the story of Project Serpo, which was sent by email anonymously to Victor Martinez, a UFO research with the UFO Threat List. Doty claims he didn’t send out the email but his IP address was attached to the emails. Project Serpo was the report of the US government’s “secret mission” in which 12 astronauts were sent to the alien planet Serpo 38.4 light years away. The mission supposedly took place between the years 1965-1978. It was the exact same situation that occurred in Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Spielberg.

The end of the film shows Doty blowing some more smoke. He gives details on why he personally believes aliens are real. This is a fascinating look into the world of psyops (psychological warfare techniques) the art of manipulation, the mixture of lies and half truths and truths so that you don't know which way is up and all done in the name of national security. 
So the short answer is that there's never been alien visitation or UFOs and they can all be attributed to very terrestrial clandestine technology and the efforts by our nations enemies to infiltrate the UFO community to learn more about this clandestine technology and our governments efforts to thwart them at every turn. How the Government used and manipulated an unknowing and guillible UFO Community which ultimately aids our nation in hiding it's top secret technology and none of it came from anywhere but earth. They're decades ahead of anything we know at any given time.

This is one of your real life Men In Black. They do exist but they're not hiding extraterrestrials they're hiding advanced technology made right here on earth from things right here on earth.  Which to me is very interesting, explains everything and very troublesome all the same. There's no Majestic 12...that too can be traced to Richard Doty although he denies it. It's AFOSI where the Men In Black reside. Air Force Office Of Special Investigations. Which makes a lot of sense and why they are so interested in hiding or stealth technology. 







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