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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mr. Dark's Audio Nasty Season 2 Release...

Mr. Dark's Audio Nasty is currently releasing Season 2 on demand.
This season I decided to get away from the radio station plays as I have a lot less time to devote to it.
However I am currently releasing Season 2 on demand for your enjoyment.

The list of available new episodes covers, Gremlins, Star Wars, Space 1999, several of my classic music mixes...Ghost Hunt, Crawler In The Mists etc.
Here is an up to date list of the new episodes for Season 2 with almost 20 more on the way...

Mr. Dark's Audio Nasty Season 2:

Escape From New York Club Mix
(a Club mix centered around Escape From New York & John Carpenters awesome soundtrack)

Beyond The Wall Of Sleep Metal Mix
(A Death Metal & Black Metal mix of some of Mr. Dark's favorites...this one's brutal)

Crawler In The Mists Mix
(a goth, darkwave and middle ages style mix centered around Conan The Barbarian)

The Warriors Punk Mix
(a punk and psychobilly mix centered around The Warriors)

The Babadook
(A Deathrock, Goth Mix centered around The Babadook)

Needful Things
(A music mix of some of Mr. Dark;s Personal Favorites spanning from death metal, goth, punk, etc. sure to please the blackest of hearts)

The Day Of The Triffids Part's 1 & 2
(Audio Drama about a Triffid Invasion)

Blade Runner
(The special and wildly popular Mr. Dark remixed audio dramatization of Blade Runner)

(One of the best audio dramas Mr. Dark has released...if you like zombies you'll love Pontypool)

Treasure Island & Pirate Mix
(A piratey mix of tunes and a Audio Drama of Treasure island you will love.)

Ghost Hunt
(A dark brew of witchhouse, goth, darkwave tunes set around the first...and one of the scariest found footage releases ever recorded)

The Story Of Star Wars
(Star Wars Audio Drama any fan will love)

(the dark tale is told great in this audio drama unearthed by Mr. Dark)

The Empire Strikes Back

Return Of The Jedi
(Audio Dramas for Episodes 5 and 6 in the Star Wars Mythos)

Space 1999
(cool and rare Space 1999 audio drama that's a lot of fun)

(The rare audio version of Gremlins a favorite film of Mr. Dark)

There's still many more new episodes to come in Season 2 with Season 1 still available on demand
Episodes 1-20 feature the likes of Herschell Gordon Lewis, Chanel Ryan, Tevis Marcum, Richard Hatch and many others as well as some favorite music mixes from Mr. Dark.

There will be a ton of new music mixes and audio dramas this season from

Mr. Dark's Audio Nasty

DJ & Horror Host Mr Dark from Mr Dark's Audio Nasty Radio Show.
Goth, darkwave, death rock, punk, psychobilly. death metal
Now releasing Season 2...Enjoy!!
Be sure to watch for Mr. Dark's Video Nasty releases and Mr. Dark's articles on the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufology, horror, sci fi etc..
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