Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scream Queen Stream (Online)

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Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff are Los Angeles based indie filmmakers and friends. Alone they are pretty awesome, but together they are an unstoppable force and one helluva dynamic duo. They bring a perfect balance of heart, wit, humor, sarcasm, adventure, and fun that can't be beat. :) Together they've decided to start their own webseries, Scream Queen Stream, which will be a variety show, of sorts, where you can join along in the craziness of their daily lives and many epic adventures.
Why Scream Queen Stream
Periscope, vine, and snapchat can only do so much. Our fans and friends have asked us constantly for MORE. More of our daily lives, more of our fun adventures, more behind the scenes content.. just MORE. Scream Queen Stream is our opportunity to bring everyone into our daily lives so you can get to know us better, experience our daily craziness, and even get chances to join along in the fun. We are doing this for you, because we love you, and we'd love to let you get to know us better and experience our triumphs and struggles right alongside us. Watch #DrunkDorff try to avoid getting nekkid on film or Jess possibly burn the house down with her crazy cooking

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