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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Best Horror Comedy Film Of All Time... Indie film at its finest

Best Horror Comedy Ever Made.

When one thinks of horror comedies your mind will immediately conjure thoughts of Abbott and Costello,  Evil Dead,  Scary Movie etc.
However the best horror Comedy of all time is Hysterical.
Hysterical is a 1983 indie film from The Hudson Brothers.
In the 1970s Bill,  Brett and Mark Hudson were a well known singing and comedy variety show act.  By the 1980s their popularity was on the decline as variety shows were becoming phased out.  They decided to try their hand at film.
I would like to give the trivia bit that Bill Hudson was once married to Goldie Hawn and his daughter is Kate Hudson.... Just a little interesting bit for you.....
The result of the filmmaking labors of the Hudson Brothers was an indie horror movie send up.

Hysterical has a silly humor that very adeptly pokes fun at such classics as The Exorcist in a hilarious scene " The body of Howdy will leave you!",  Jaws,  Indiana Jones,  The Shining,  Zombie movies... In fact all of the zombies wear turtle neck sweaters and say " What difference does it make."  once you see it you'll think of another zombie.... Hillary Clinton at her Benghazi hearing saying "What difference does it make."
Friday the 13th is spoofed.... I'm Ralph and they think I'm tetched but I know something they don't know.... You're Doomed!
Taxi Driver is lampooned,  Casper the friendly ghost... It goes on and on.

Richard Keil who you know from Roger Moore James Bond film's as the giant metal mouth villain Jaws has a major role as Captain Howdy.
Julie Newmar you'll recognize as Catwoman from Batman has a major role.
Clint Walker is the sheriff... Even John Larroquette from Night Court has a cameo as a tour boat guide.
The jokes are silly and funny.  In fact they're the type of jokes that you tell around friends who have seen the film and you laugh as an inside joke because unless you've seen it you won't get it.
It's like a fine wine or a guilty pleasure that reminds you of what indie film is supposed to be all about.
It's a real disservice that any horror fan would miss this movie.  Or Comedy fan for that matter.  It's  a disservice that it isn't more readily available either.

If you can find it get it.  It's in my top five of all time and it's a shame it's not well known or ever mentioned.
It's one of my favorite comedies of all time.
Library is closed  all white people must leave...
By Mr Dark

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