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Monday, March 7, 2016

North Texas Cryptid The Lake Worth Goatman Debunked

Incoming Transmission from Mr Dark.....

Greetings Darklings
  Let's talk about the Lake Worth Monster or The Lake Worth Goatman of Fort Worth Texas. The creature was initially sighted in 1969 and is still speculated by crypto zoologists to exist to this day.
   Mr.  Dark has some bad news for these pseudo scientists though.....
It seems the Lake Worth Monster of Fort Worth is nothing more than a hoax.

 I know, I hate shattering your dreams of fanciful monsters lurking just beyond modern man's eye and in the vein of my infamous debunking of the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film (which can be found here on Domain of Horror.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to expose this one too.
 I live in Dallas and in this huge metropolitan area there are many interesting tales of the Old West and other strange things....
  Such as cryptid beasts that look part goat and part human scaring the heck out of people who are simply making out in their cars. So without further ado let's break it down, shall we?

The Fort Worth Goatman of Lake Worth is debunked.....dig it....

Jan Galloway
It started out as a joke...the teenagers parking on top of the hill across from Greer Island...my two younger brothers thought it would be funny to scare the parkers.
They tied ropes and grapevines off in the day time and at night my younger brother Jack
Shelby wore my rabbit coat and they would fly across the hoods of the cars and barely
touch the hoods....one night my brother Billy Shelby decided to come across the ground on all fours like a monkey...he jumped on top of a car and scratched the windshield and scratched the windshield and made a Tarzan sound and jumped off
the two people in the car went to Lake Worth Police Station and said something half
goat and half man jumped on their......well that is how it started...people started coming to the pit and we decided to play it to the hilt.....Billy Shelby was 15 years old
at the time and Jack Shelby was 11 years old I was 17 we decided to dress Billy up
he put on cut off shorts and I cut them around the bottom of the legs...then a white t-shirt and I ratted his hair and put black eye pencil on his face, arms and legs and
rubbed it in. So every night Billy Shelby, Jack Shelby. Mike Roper, Dean Carpenter and Deans younger brother went thru the trailer park which came out at the top of the pit.
When people started coming Billy would make one appearance a night he would come out on the cliff and hit his chest and make Tarzan sounds. The night they said the tire went 500 or whatever feet it was pulled back like a sling shot by 4 boys and let go of it looked like Billy threw it but he did not...after that I don't remember how many days we did that maybe 5 or 6 but then they brought guns to kill Goatman and I went up the hill and told them to get they were going to kill them....and that was the end of Goatman.

The goat man was my uncles and their friends. My grandfather owned Shelby's Liquor Store on Jacksboro Hwy. My uncle Jack Shelby, Billy Shelby and Kenny Goins. The only one still alive is Billy Shelby and he lives in Tarrant County in Fort Worth. They would sneak down to the liquor store and throw tires off the cliff into the pit where all of the teenagers would hang out and party. They would yell goat man and scream and act all crazy. My mom would wrap her brother in a Fox coat. They really did not expect to get any attention. My uncles never came forward because they were scared of getting in trouble because they threw tires on the cars. My mom made them stop after people were saying they were going to shoot goat man. My uncle has contacted reporters and they blow him off. If they call Billy Shelby in Fort Worth he can show them exactly what he did. It really is a neat story when he tells it. Billy Shelby is the last goat man standing.

  So that about wraps it up for this cryptid. The Lake Worth Monster,  or Goatman of Lake Worth Texas was nothing more than some mischievous pranksters just as almost all of the other cryptids turn out to be in the end. It's a lot of fun exploring the tales and legends and then finding out the prank pulling truth of it though,  isn't it my friends?

  What I will be interested in is the response from certain authors who went into great detail speculating that the Lake Worth Monster was real. Should be entertaining enough and this is a great exposure of a Cryptozoology creature busted. What happens when those who profess to be experts in something get proven to be entirely wrong?

   It's very easy for anyone to be an expert in things that don't exist but when they do exist you can't just wing it anymore. Oh, and  Cryptozoology degrees are something you can go online and print out in minutes. I am a Ph.D. in Cryptozoology and the Paranormal and I did it by signing up on a website and printing out my degree. Took fifteen minutes or so.

  Mr. Dark hasn't even gone into the UFO phenomenon yet... And there are some interesting things to say about that too,  but not a single bit of it is from another world. It's all entirely terrestrial... So you will have that one to look out for in the near future... Take care.
Mr Dark

Mr. Dark is a DJ, Writer, Promoter, PR Publicity Manager and Casting Director in Dallas, TX.
Famous Monsters of Filmland and Domain of Horror.

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