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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Willow Creek: the definitive found footage film

I'm not a Sasquatch believer. I find it hard to entertain the idea that a great ape is roaming the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Not to mention apparantly everywhere else for that matter, or at least like Bobo from Finding Bigfoot might want you to believe.
I find about as much appeal in Squatchin' as I do getting a root canal. That's not to say that I wouldn't go on a hike up to Bluff Creek where the Patterson Gimlin film was shot though.
In fact I wouldn't mind such a trek into the heart of Bigfoot country just to say I did it.
The Patterson-Gimlin film is it a hoax? Or is it as Roger Patterson said all the way to his deathbed. An undocumented creature? Is this the greatest piece of wildlife photography ever filmed, or is it simply a man in a suit? Such is the debate that's been raging for almost half a century.
Could a suit such as that have been constructed in 1967? Who knows and it seems that every investigation reveals more questions rather than answers. There's been strange Bigfoot massacre stories, walking gait analysis, theories about mail order gorilla suits, special effects artists that have claimed that they were good but not that good when accused of building the suit. Research the famed Patterson-Gimlin film and you will quickly see that it's never been proven to be a hoax, nor has it proven to be true. The arguments are quite good for both sides and it's an interesting subject to say the least. 

Bobcat Goldwait apparantly has a fascination with the Patterson-Gimlin film as well and he masterfully sets his film “Willow Creek” in the heart of the debate of this very film.
Now I am not that big of a fan of found footage, shaky camera movies. It's been done, and done again. Sometimes better than others. However! I have to give it to Goldwait that “Willow Creek” is a found footage movie done the way a found footage movie should be done.
It's thoroughly engrossing. The characters are believable. The suspense masterful to the point that once you see this you won't have a need to bother with any other found footage films because if you own only one. This will be it. It's slow burn horror and suspenseful delays at it's finest. I think Hitchcock would be proud in all honesty. 
Bobcat Goldwait's Willow Creek will have you researching to see how many people come up missing in the Pacific Northwest every year and never get found.
Mr. Dark gives Willow Creek a 4.5 out of 5
If you watch only one found footage film in your lifetime make it this one.

In regards to the Patterson-Gimlin film I believe that there are 3 options.
1. They really saw and filmed a cryptid
2. They got a suit and faked the whole thing
3. They were hoaxed themselves
I believe 3 is the answer and the reason being is that Ray Wallace told Roger Patterson exactly where to go that day and where to stand to film his Bigfoot.
Ray Wallace was responsible for the majority of the Bigfoot tracks in the area with wooden Bigfoot feet that were used to make the tracks. Ray Wallace felt sorry for Roger Patterson because he had cancer and was just trying to get something for his family that they could do well on after he was gone. So I believe that Ray Wallace bamboozled Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin by making them think they saw a cryptid animal. He also knew that Patterson wouldn't shoot, or allow a Bigfoot to be shot if he came across one. So I believe that is the answer to this fascinating story. I also believe in the Star Trek connection and that the suit used was one of the suits from the Star Trek the original series episode The Galileo Seven, which was being filmed within weeks of the incident and Desilu was approached by someone wanting to buy one of the suits.
So that's Mr. Dark's take on the whole thing.

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