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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mr. Dark's Audio Nasty Season 1 Re Run Schedule

Mr. Dark's Audio Nasty Season 1 Re reun Schedule
Shows are on demand in the archives but they air on
WFKU Radio Macabre Fridays at 5pm EST
Nomad Radio Wednesdays at 10pm EST
KONR 106.1 FM Wednesdays at 9pm AKST & Sundays @ 3pm AKST
This week Episode 1 Werewolf Tales with the Young Werewolves and special guest Herschell Gordon Lewis the godfather of gore.
Next week Episode 2 The Thing with Brigitte Handley of The Dark Shadows.
Week after next Episode 3 Key Largo and Kojak special.
Last week of September Episode 4 Battlestar Galactica with special guest Richard Hatch.
The in celebration of Halloween we will run the 2 part Salems Lot Episodes 8 and 9 with Julia Darkrose Caples and Daytime Emmy Winner Bill Oberst Jr.
Followed by the 2 part Pet Sematary Episodes 10 and 11
With the cast and crew of Seeking Valentina (which you need to go vote for via the FANtastic Film Fest, you can vote online now, but do it soon!)
and former super model, actress and producer Chanel Ryan
Also in October look for the completely redone annual special on Death Rock Radio
The War Of The Worlds Tribute Show.
This is an annual thing and this one won't be the same as last years. I want this one to be the epitome of what I envisioned.
November will mark the beginning of Season 2 most likely and will kick off with special guests, Sheri Davis, Caroline Williams, Jack Ketchum, Android Lust, Linda Godfrey, Barbie Wilde and many others.
For all things Mr Dark visit www.darksproductions.com

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