Monday, January 13, 2014

Project Alice - V Forever (A Tribute To Kenneth Johnson)

The "John May - Lives On" team bring you this special presentation
 on behalf of "PROJECT ALICE", the "Bring Back 'V'" campaign! This video
 is dedicated to the creator of "V: The Original Miniseries", writer/director
Kenneth Johnson (without whom, there would BE no 'V'!), and is also a tribute
to the 'V' cast & crewmembers who are sadly no longer with us.

The leader of "PROJECT ALICE", Ilana Rapp (of Ilana's V Site)
welcomes you aboard her mothership... if you dare!!!

To find out more about "PROJECT ALICE", please visit:

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  1. WOAH! That's love right there. Awesome job!

  2. This is a truly wonderful piece of work. Thank you from a lifelong V fan!