Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation is the second super hero movie from the twisted fantasies of Tara Cardinal. Produced by Hollywood martial artist Sean Wyn and New York horror guru David Williams, it's a new Asian-inspired horror/action feature..

Five reckless college kids on an urban archaeological expedition uncover a preternatural evil, and discover only a legend can fight a myth..

Almost a century ago, the Buffalo Central Terminal was cursed. Eighty years (and 922 missing persons) later, we find Ikari trying to follow in her (missing) father's archaeological footsteps. But Ikari--a part Chinese, part Japanese, half Jewish lesbian--has problems. She's suicidal, her girlfriend dumped her, she's failing her classes, she's about to lose her scholarship, her twin sister Feng is a samurai with supernatural abilities, and, on top of it all, she still lives with her Jewish mother (Maria Olsen).

To keep Ikari and his other students from failing, Professor Harrison sends them on a quick "in and out" field expedition to the Terminal. Along for what should be a fast and fun exploration are Ikari's best friend and gay fashion photographer Michael, goth martial artist Tavy, mild-mannered T.A. Lindsey, and Ikari's recently estranged ex-girlfriend Becks. But Ikari has other ideas... obsessed with her father's research and trying desperately, if not comically, to get her blonde, beautiful, and cold ex-girlfriend back, she unknowingly leads the team deeper and deeper into the ominous 17-story building...

…and right into the lair of the Jiang Shi.

Considered by Western Culture to be a myth, the zombie-like Jiang Shi is an undead demon that sucks Chi (the life force) from its victims while torturing, raping, and paralyzing them with its venomous claws. And now it is after them.

Samurai-in-training Feng, psychically linked to her twin sister Ikari, races to the Terminal to save Ikari and her friends from the Jiang Shi and its endless horde of undead minions. To defeat the mythical creature Ikari and Feng will have to join forces to become a legend. Because it takes a Legend to fight a Myth.

The Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation

Watch the teaser HERE:

The movie stars Alicen Holden (Dukes of Hazzard), Christian Boeving (Battledome, Zombie Massacre), Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, Percy Jackson), Horror Cult Icon DeeDee Bigelow (Alien Armageddon, Show Girls 2), Justin Irwin, Patricia Dunn, Catherine Scrivo and Tara Cardinal (Wrath of the Crows, Zombie Massacre) as the Scarlet Samurai.
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