Saturday, August 25, 2012


"Evil Alive" is a micro-budget supernatural horror feature in its fundraising/ 
preproduction stage. Check out the cool fundraising raffle items and learn 
more about this innovative genre picture:

Plot Outline :  'Kendra, AJ, Mar and Dwayne are old college friends. 
Now that they're pushing thirty, they find themselves growing apart. 
Attempting to hang on to their good old college days, the gang gets together for 
a night of stories, pranks and lots of beer. As the evening progresses, 
they unknowingly release a deviously clever, manipulative 
demonic-being that had been trapped for centuries in Salem. The night 
takes a terrifying turn as the group of friends must determine what is real 
and who they can trust in order to survive the demon's malevolent purpose.'

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  1. Hmmm. Looks like it has potential.