Monday, July 30, 2012

Orb Paranormal Investigations

Orb Paranormal is A Non Profit Paranormal Investigations Group based in London, Kent and The South East of England. Professional Paranormal Investigations carried out by Professional Psychics and Mediums. They are Led by the Professional Spirit Medium Gary Flack and the Psychic and Professional Tarot Reader Christine Banchini. Research & Investigation into all locations is led by Kirlian Blue. A Free A5 Guide is produced for each of Their' Events and the event is Filmed. They welcome Skeptics, Non-believers, Believers and First Timers to come to all of Their' events. They provide free equipment for use at the events such as EMF/Ultra Violet Torch's and Heat Sensors. Due to the amount of Money led Ghost Hunting Companies ran by people with no actual Psychic Ability or Understanding, Orb Paranormal was set up. They Film each of the Events and there is an option to Buy a Professionally Filmed and Edited DVD of the Event you took part in for a small fee. Check Out Orb Paranormal Investigations on Facebook Right Here

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