Monday, June 11, 2012

Jonathan Hale - The First American Vampire

"Jonathan dreams of starting a new life in the New World across the Atlantic. On board the Arabella, Jonathan sets sail from England in 1630 to begin his new life, only to succumb to sickness and die. Jonathan is buried on the shores of Salem. Awakening that evening, trapped in a grave, Jonathan breaks free of his tomb and claws his way to the surface. Thus begins a dark and deadly journey through the streets of Salem that brings deadly consequences to the town's residents. Jonathan touches the lives of many and influences our early American history. Jonathan Hale is the first American vampire." This Book is Available from Amazon I bought this book very recently and couldn't put it down. It dates back to the first colonist which is a historical time period that I've always been fascinated by and the author has obviously researched extensively. The book is very fast paced and action packed which is exactly what I need from a book or I lose interest very quickly. Definitely no danger of that here!!! It is well written and is a must for all fans of the vampire genre.The author Frank Godbey has done an amazing job. There is also a second Jonathan Hale book out that I plan to read VERY soon.

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