Friday, March 2, 2012

Our YOUTUBE - suspended or shot down ...

It has come to our attention our YOUTUBE attached account was shut down today.
Because of product violation. We know this is not true, and cannot understand the true reason why.
Soon, as an 'act of action' - earlier project suggestion.
The DOMAIN OF HORROR will be creating a side blogger site (DOMAIN OF HORROR TV), to co-exist with our main website. For the soul purpose of Broadcasting our shows. This project has not gone into effect yet. Just a heads up to let our readers and viewers know of our future intentions.
If you have been trying to reach our YOUTUBE CHANNEL or have promotional videos from our youtube you are having trouble accessing, we apologize for the inconvenience.


  1. That sucks, big time.......
    If interested, I would be up to include your shows in our broadcast. Black Flag TV is totally independent, and we have our own broadcast servers. ├╣horror 24 hours a day. Gimme a shout if interested!!

    1. Our project will be going into effect, from what I've been hearing. Thank you for the offer. Its much appreciated. Thank you.