Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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D I A B O L I Q U E is a lavishly illustrated full-color magazine that explores horror in both classic and contemporary films, literature, theater, history & art. It also boast an extraordinary graphic layout & design which is unlike any other Horror Genre magazine you have ever seen before and is rapidly garnering worldwide attention!
By presenting in-depth coverage & reviews, rare studio art work, visually stunning images, concise commentary & exclusive articles from a world-wide network of established writers and other experts including ones outside the usual genre circuit, D I A B O L I Q U E imparts a fresh perspective on the classics and many other exceptional Horror films that may be totally new to most readers. Additionally, D I A B O L I Q U E is printed on very high quality, heavy gloss paper, so each issue is a real Collector's item!
Many exceptional Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy films have already been produced and are still currently being directed in different countries. Sadly, many that would greatly appeal to American movie audiences go largely unnoticed by "mainstream critics" and horror films fans alike! D I A B O L I Q U E is changing all that by actively pursuing relationships with authors & noted critics who specialize in Foreign Horror movies.
DIABOLIQUE Magazine was a proud sponsor of this years 2nd Annual Stiletto Film Festival!
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