Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cardinal and Stewart to appear at C2E2

Legend of the Red Reaper invades Chicago - just in time for C2E2.
In a very last minute announcement, Tara Cardinal and Kristen Stewart confirm their attendance at this year's C2E2.

C2E2 is one of Chicago's largest comic conventions and boasts A list guests like Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Brit Morgan (True Blood), Scott Krinsky (Chuck). Legend of the Red Reaper's Tara Cardinal and Kristen Stewart are set to appear, sponsored by Nostalgic investments, and will be answering questions at various panels.

Cardinal and Stewart are announcing the launch of the new comic book series "Legend of the Red Reaper" based on the film "Legend of the Red Reaper" which stars Tara Cardinal, Eliza Swenson, Barry Ratcliffe, Lloyd Kaufman, and comic book legend George Perez. The cover of the first comic is based on concepts by George Perez, and the artwork is by Michael Champion. The first issue was penned by cast/crew members Kristen Stewart and Michael Schaefer.

Tara Cardinal and Kristen Stewart will be available all weekend for signings, questions and panels.

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