Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Cleric is the journey of a psychic enforcer named Samara, who comes out of a self-imposed retirement as a servant of the Ministry of Control to hunt down the Heretic, a genetically engineered terrorist. He has killed her lover and escaped into the Below, a twisted wasteland of tunnels and industrial waste that lays deep under the glittering streets of the mega-city. Samara must battle her way through a toxic underworld of scavengers, madmen, and worse.

Screenplay By : Sean-Michael Argo and David Williams
Directed By : David R. Williams & Sean-Michael Argo
Produced By : Cthulhu Blues Productions
Starring : Seregon O' Dassey, Sean-Michael Argo,
 Aaron Krygier, Bob Bozek, 
Brandi Mingle, Bryan Patrick Stoyle

Official Websitewww.clericmovie.com
Official Facebook Page

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