Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knock Knock : Movie Trailer

"Answering the door will never be the same."

Rico was just a big, fun-loving son of a hard working neighborhood business man. The problem is his dad is an undertaker. Some popular high school Students thought he was weird because of it. Rico kept to himself and helped his dad around their funeral home after school. One night after a high school pep rally, some of those students wanted to have a little fun. The town would never be the same. Local cops have never seen anything like it. The beautiful detective thought she knew it all. Is the drunken old detective right? Why was it happening? Who will be next? Written by Anonymous

In Glass County, several teenagers from high-school are slaughtered and their severed bodies are found in the working place of their fathers. The retired detective Mike, the absent grandfather trying to approach his granddaughter Nikki Reynolds, teams up with the inexperienced Detective Billie Vega to help her in her investigation.

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